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"Aha" moments guaranteed from Soham Workshops

I can say with conviction that participants coming out from the Soham Workshops will experience at least one "Aha" moment that gives renewed sense of direction . Almost all the sessions I ran so far, I have always seen participants walking to me at the end and saying Dr. Malladi:

  • "I noticed a paradigm shift in my approach to live with a new sense of purpose"

  • "I experienced a strange sense of joy when I discovered my true self"

  • "Thanks for giving me the freedom to think with clarity"

  • "You instilled confidence in me to make difficult decisions"

  • Your quote "Give 100% at work, nothing more, nothing less" redefined my attitude towards work-life balance"

Go ahead, give our self-exploratory sessions a try.

"Aha" moments guaranteed from Soham Workshops

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