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Soham Vidya

Soham Vidya was founded in 2019 by Dr. Malladi Srinivasa Sastry to help others realize their true potential and achieve holistic well-being. Through self-observation and the application of spiritual knowledge, participants learn to discover themselves and realize the vast potential within them.

Originally established as ‘Soham Inner Development’, Dr. Malladi coined the term Soham Vidya, linking the concepts of immense cosmic potential and knowledge or absolute truth. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Malladi is inclined towards psychological well-being and believes spirituality plays a crucial role in achieving it. Soham Vidya brings together aspects of spirituality and ancient wisdom and makes them relevant for individuals in today’s modern society.

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Our Soham Vidya workshops

Bring Out The Best In You (Sanatana Dharma Way)

Discover Yourself

Discover Your Inner Potential.

The latter two are offered in both one-on-one and group sessions, and participants are given workbooks to fill in during the classes. The workshops are designed to allow participants to process spiritual knowledge and train the mind to establish awareness and coping strategies for facing adversity. The workshops guide the participants to look inward, learn concepts such as ‘Nishkama Karma’, ‘Svadharma’, and ‘Nischaya Buddhi’ and apply these spiritual principles in daily life.

Dr. Malladi

Dr. Srinivas Malladi is a psychiatrist with over two decades of medical experience in India, the U.K., and Singapore. He has led teams in developing the services at advanced psychiatric hospitals. Additionally, he has served as a faculty member at several medical schools and has also mentored and taught junior doctors and colleagues. 
Dr. Malladi has conducted several training programs and workshops at international conferences and his work is published in medical journals. Dr. Malladi actively serves his local communities by engaging the youth and raising awareness for mental health and primary healthcare. 

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The beginning

Dr. Malladi is a senior consultant psychiatrist having worked in UK and Singapore before returning back to India. Ever since he was young, he was naturally inclined towards spirituality. Over time, this journey inwards helped him follow his core beliefs to dedicate his time to the spread of spiritual knowledge for holistic wellbeing.
After he settled down in his professional career:
●   He started learning Sanskrit and later began teaching it.
●   As a Karyakarta of Samskrita Bharati in Singapore, he taught Sanskrit and contributed to establishing it as a recognized institute.
●   In 2016 he helped initiate a rural healthcare program called 'Arogyarakasha' near Visakhapatnam, India.

Where the journey took him

In a nutshell, unknowingly, he was walking the path of set principles centered around the concept of following one’s heart- or, in other words, listening to the Divine within. The effect of it was that he was able to live in fulfillment with little to no regret.

The connection between psychiatry and spirituality

While in psychiatric practice, he came across a client who imparted profound spiritual knowledge beyond the range of psychotic symptoms he possessed. Dr. Malladi decided to present this case before his colleagues, following which, he realized that none of them had the necessary spiritual understanding of what they were seeing there. 

This sparked his journey of looking for other patients who discussed spiritual concepts, which wasn’t uncommon hoping to play his part in dispelling misconceptions on spirituality and in exploring the role of spiritual principles in managing mental health problems. 

The present

His lifelong journey continues in understanding and applying principles of spirituality in psychiatry. He has begun conducting personal development workshops based on spiritual principles called "Soham Vidya”. He has also put together a therapy useful in a clinical practice called "Soham Therapy". 
The eternal spiritual journey continues...

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