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Think!Proclaim!Act! - Concept of Trikarana Suddhi

A lot of ideas are thwarted because we seek approval of others. We should either convince others well or accept that not all ideas can be described well.


An Idea arises in its nascent form in your mind. It could have been dreamt off a long time back (many years ago). You may have put it way down the priority list it as it couldn't find favourable circumstances for its expression. However, if favourable times are emerging don’t forget that nascent idea or the insight this time. Be patient. Don’t worry and don’t feel guilty for the time that had gone past, seemingly wasted, but not so as time was never ripe then. Let it reach the top of your priority list naturally. Don’t force it up the list. Remember that we are immortal. If not in this life, we will get a chance to take up that work in our next life. If world indeed comes to an end you will get the chance to work on it in the next cosmic cycle. That should be the kind of patience. A patience which does not rush you and does not make you feel guilty. All you need to do is to stick to the path of truth and dharma, respect time and respect the priority list.


Once the idea is crystalized and reached the top of priority list proclaim it. This proclamation is deliberate so that you took a vow to work on it. It is like a confirmation to yourself so that you will not backtrack. So that you will pursue it till you act on it. Once you proclaimed it you have to be prepared to patiently discuss with well-wishers and sceptics alike. The idea is to learn more from what they say and ask so that you can go back to the drawing board to make changes where necessary. However, the bottom line is that you are committed to make sure that the idea is acted upon eventually.


There may be lot of resistance to stop you from going ahead. This may lead to hesitation whereby your heart says go ahead and mind says don’t go ahead. This is where you may wish to use the “Art of playing at the brink”. This helps you to still go ahead with the idea but within a predefined limit to which you want to risk it. At every stage remember the impact of Maya. It raises doubts and distracts you from your goal. Learn not to be swayed by remembering to always exercise “Nishchaya Buddhi” – clarity in decision making with no ambiguity, and various other principles, importantly Satpatha (Path of truth) and Shashvata (Immortality).

If you deviate from your path come back to the core again. Don’t fear or regret as these are unwanted thoughts which will only drain your energy. Learn from the deviation to ensure you don’t deviate again. Under some very unfavourable circumstances you are compelled to deviate. That’s ok. Just don’t feel guilty. This is where the “Principle of Relativity” comes into play. This basically means that certain deviations are expected and you should just go with the flow only to remember to return back to your core self always.

Few tips to help process of Think!Proclaim!Act!

Karma- Dharma

Know that our life journey follows our KARMA and particularly the deviations so that we learn lessons. However, it is the DHARMA which helps us to return back to our core self and stay on path of TRUTH. Therefore, remain patient. Maintain equipoise of your emotions (Stithaprajna). As these are testing times it is but natural for the emotions to go out of control. Learn to stay equipoised by balancing your emotions.

A mental dry run of the worst case scenario

There is a way to teach yourself this skill by preparing yourself for the worst case scenario.

When you have a dry run in your mind of the worst case scenario you foresee the damage you are likely to witness and also be able to perceive the emotional turmoil you go through. Allow yourself to witness that scenario in your mind and run through the emotions. It helps you to prepare when you really face that situation. However, do always note that there is nothing like an experience and we are bound to experience the emotional turbulence despite the best preparation. However, such preparation acts like a shock absorber whereby you still feel the bump but it is not a rocky ride. While worst case scenarios are what trouble us the most, it is important to learn to not get carried away by success too.

Setting the goal based on the insight or nascent idea. Reaching the goal and staying there.

Remember that your job is to follow the process sincerely and with complete effort without taking ownership for the result. This is Nishkama Karma. It works beautifully when practiced. Always look after yourself and don’t burn yourself. Give no more than 100%. It is not natural. It is not worth it as you will get tired, lose motivation and lose creativity. There are several other important things to do in your life such as spending time with family, looking after your health and progressing spiritually.

Qualities of the goal:

Ø Should match your core belief and ensure it is consistent with Vidya

Ø Not for sensory pleasure, entertainment or earning profits as the primary aim. They can be by-products.


Ø That your actual goal is realizing SELF and staying in path of Truth.

Ø Inaction is not allowed.


Written by: Dr. Malladi Srinivasa Sastry

Founder, Sohamvidya

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