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Do you want to know my story?

My outward journey began with creation (Shrishti) from a state of nothingness, stillness (Achalam), oneness (Kevalam), bliss (Brahmanandam), source and seer of all (Sarvadheesakshibhutam) and a constant (Nityam), all-powerful intelligence (Jnanam), an all pervasive energy (Paramatma). Before my journey began, there was no time, no earth, no sun. And out of that oneness was born time and out flowed the energy, as I know it.

I flowed out from that absolute oneness, as an echo of it. I am the Atma. From oneness came everything - planets, stars, sky, celestial and earthly beings, everything. The oneness remained as it was, untouched, but its reflection could be found in everything it created. The intelligent energy is there in everything. That is the Atma. I AM THAT. I am the Atma.

This forgotten, I kept showing up over and over again, through cycles of re-birth. Now that I have realised where I'm from, I can’t wait to go home. To the oneness. I know that I can go there, and merge in it. All I need to do is look within and realize who I am. Then I know that I shall understand who I, truly, am. I AM THAT. I am that oneness.

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