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Can you afford to be a perpetual explorer in seeking truth?

Everything has a stable point, even if transient, and cannot be in constant flux. When involution or Laya occurs the state of oneness is stability till the flux begins with creation or Srushti. Spirituality is seeking truth and once truth is understood one should stay there and not yet again wander away in search of truth despite accepting it. For a perpetual explorer, seeking truth becomes an academic exercise – the tendency to constantly sieve through tonnes of information and spending lifetime not settling down on an attempt to stay in the truth realized often fleeting between momentary realization and persistent doubt. Doubt is possibly the biggest enemy in spiritual journey.

How can we make this a more meaningful and blissful journey and hope to learn to settle down and make truth our home?

To begin with we should appreciate that seeking truth is actually a sensory, logical and intellectual exercise where we employ our senses to read books, hear discourses, exercise our logical mind to accept or discard information and our intellect to decide on the truth. In this exercise we forget the role played by our emotions. Emotions or feelings such as love and contentment often may be subtle and not necessarily brought to the attention for logical analysis, particularly if we haven’t trained ourselves to perceive them whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. Feelings often tend to give us lot more insights into truth, particularly about us, if not the truth itself.

Hence, when a truth is realized it is important to experience the rasa or the feeling. One has to stay in that state for as long as possible because only experience makes the understanding or realization of it complete and meaningful as opposed to an intellectually gratifying exercise alone of finding truth. That is the reason for wide acceptance of Bhakti as the most effective way to stay in constant touch with the divine because love is a feeling. Love is our truth.

Remember even Forrest Gump after having set off on a enormously long journey finally stopped and said “I want to go home”. I guess he was tired of running. Similarly a perpetual explorer of truth would get tired one day and gives it up in frustration only to realize that a lifetime has gone, having wandered way past the goal of seeking the truth and staying with it.

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