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A Hindu parent's dialogue with the child about their understanding of Hinduism

This conversation was part of a task for parents to speak to their child as part of the Hindumitra open dialogue “ Preparing my kid to university life - Duties of Hindu parents”

Parent (P): Who is a Hindu?

Child (C): That is difficult to say.

P: Why is it difficult to say?

C: Yes. That’s because we have several different gods in Hinduism.

P: Is it a good thing or a bad thing to have so many gods?

C: Actually, it is only one Paramatma who reigns over the universe and there are several forms he takes.

P: What else do you know of Hinduism?

C: That all of us have Atma. Atma has a purpose in this life to do good things.

P: How did you have this birth if you are the Atma?

C: God has given this birth.

P: OK, but is there a mechanism or a system?

C: No answer

P: Is it the first time or the only time that Atma is born?

C: Well. Some choose to have rebirth while some don’t.

P: How does one choose not to have rebirth?

C: They attain Moksha and hence do not have rebirth.

P: Now would you be able to say who a Hindu is?

C: A person who believes that there is the atma and that it has purpose in this life to attain moksha or to make this a better place. Atma has a choice to have a rebirth or attain moksha. However, everyone wants moksha instead of taking rebirth. That is because at somepoint atma will get sick of these so many lives and wants moksha.

P: Where did you hear of these concepts?

C: Lots of stories do have reference to Atma. You have spoken about them on several occasions. I also learnt from the webinar I attended previously.

Please note: This child is now 15 years of age and she had attended a 10 days webinar on “Bring out the best in you - The Sanatana Dharma way” conducted for kids in 2021 through

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